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Bob Hubbach
Musician and Artist
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NEW for 2011

"Out The Buckhorn Way" is my latest recording (released July 2011) and features dance music on the hammered dulcimer from the US and Canada.  Musicians are Brad Battey (fiddle), Sharon Hall (fiddle), Andy Clark (fiddle), Judi Morningstar (piano), Edna Clark (piano), Cecelia Webster (harp) and Steve Schneider (piano).  

http://www.elderly.com/out-the-buckhorn-way.htm Click here to order "Out The Buckhorn Way" from Elderly Instruments (East Lansing MI)

Click here to order or download "Out The Buckhorn Way" from CD Baby

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Some MP3 samples:

Out The Buckhorn Way
Deuxieme - Pointe Au Pic
Garcon Volage
Alice's Intuition
Saint Elmo's Reel / Miller's Reel
The Quilty
Snake River Reel - Bill Cheatham
The Maids of Arrochar
Waverly Two Step
My Cape Breton Home